How do you stoke your fire?

As we start a new school year and wrap up the dog days of summer, we look toward our new schedules. Routines that we hope to implement, habits that we look to improve. As a professional who has worked with families for over a dozen years, the school year starting is my calling for a renewed start with a reprieve at the holidays. Then we take a break to pause - indulge in the holidays - and relaunch with the New Year. I've thought a lot this summer about how to stoke our fire - nudge what inspires & ignites us. 

What do I mean what I encourage you to stoke your fire? It applies to many habits, routines, wants or needs. Let's apply it to your child's eating habits. If you have a picky eater - or one who wants not the healthiest of foods before their fruits & vegetables - stoke the fire. Allow a little of the saltiness to tease their palate and when their appetite begins to ignite, introduce the full meal. Why not a small bowl of olives if it invites a hungry belly to wake up? Let's apply it to your community. This is a fire you have to fan. It's not a muscle that takes shape without practice. Could you lean in just that much more? Take a few coffees that don't perfectly fit into your schedule but will be worth the investment? Could you raise your hand to say, "I can't be room parent, but please do let me know when you need help. I'll say yes as I can." Your children see these ways that you give back, and in turn your life becomes fuller....and easier. Let's apply it to your sex life. Could you put it on your calendar and make an investment in connecting with your partner, tired as you might be? Think about how you stoke your fire. How can you tease the inner you, ,to ignite passion as it applies to parenting & partnership. 

Tonight we have a support group for parents who have kids with special needs or sensitivities. Please, come if this applies to you. It was a really incredible meetup last time we hosted & we so look forward to tonight's group.