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Mindful Caregiving Guidance Class for 0 - 6 months (RIE inspired)

  • Stonestown Galleria 3251 20th Ave San Francisco, CA 94132 (map)

Mindful Caregiving Guidance Class for 0 - 6 months (precrawlers)

Evelyn's 0-6 month Parent/Carer & Infant and Toddler classes are a gentle way to learn respectful parenting. This class is primarily inspired by Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach (also known as RIE®)***, but also reflects complementary early childhood connection-based approaches (Hand in Hand Parenting, Waldorf and authors Siegel & Bryson and Mazlish & Faber, to name a few). As a passionate parent educator and caregiver trainer, I welcome both parents and nannies to come for support and learning.

In this class, you'll:

  • Connect with likeminded parents and carers

  • Learn by doing (or in our case, learning to do less while observing your baby at play) about RIE-inspired respectful caregiving

  • Feel supported and recharged through "listening time" 

  • Receive expert guidance from Evelyn (get your questions answered in class AND observe a seasoned carer in action with your babies) 

  • Gain clarity through setting intentions and hone mindfulness (through sensitive observation of your baby - a kind, practice in being present with all senses) 

  • Build your village for your baby and you

  • Receive a free 30 minute phone consultation or a 50% off home visit consultation (usually used to help design a safe "yes space")

Our classes meet weekly and is a time where babies can freely explore age appropriate toys. I encourage parents to place young babies on their backs. This allows babies to develop motor skills at their own pace. Crawling children often begin in their parent's lap and move to explore when they are ready.  

Much of the class is spent observing the children. By observing children, we learn about their interests and needs. During observation, adults sit quietly and give children 100% of their attention. It’s a special time when children can take the lead.

We discuss common topics of infancy and toddlerhood, led by our observations and questions.  

Topics commonly covered include: 

  • establishing sleep routines

  • gentle holding, diapering, and bathing

  • establishing communication patterns

  • natural progression of motor skills

  • ideal environments for independent play

  • consistent and respectful limits

  • responding to crying with empathy and gentle problem solving

  • guiding babies through safe interactions with each other

  • teaching toileting & self-care (ex. dressing) skills

  • coexisting with siblings 

  • playing with your child

Many people opt to continue with the class for a whole year. Having a consistent group of children for one or two years facilitates the development of empathy and other prosocial skills.