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RIE Parenting: What? Why? How?

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Joyfully presented by Leyla Momeny

(a RIE Associate, mother of two, and longtime educator)

Developed by Magda Gerber in the 1970s, and inspired by the groundbreaking work of a Hungarian pediatrician named Emmi Pikler, RIE (also formally know as Educaring) is a profoundly humane approach to infant and toddler development. Often misunderstood and inaccurately described, it is a complex and interconnected approach rooted in the principles of trust and respect. 

Join us for this engaging, adults-only event focused on RIE principles in both theory and action. You will learn how to enable your young child’s authenticity, creativity, and resilience to flourish while preserving  parental self-care and avoiding martyrdom.