Sept 6: 7-8:30pm Intro to Vedic Meditation

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Sept 6: 7-8:30pm Intro to Vedic Meditation


MEDITATION FOR BUSY PEOPLE WITH ACTIVE MINDS AND CRAZY LIVES – An Intro to Vedic Meditation with James & Yvette Brown

In this workshop you will learn:

• Learn how to simply and easily get back in flow with the present moment, especially when you feel like you're losing your center.

• Learn a how to use the breath to quickly calm your nervous system without yelling at yourself to calm down.

• Learn about an ancient approach to meditation (2500 years older than Buddhism) that was meant for “householders,” people who are in the world, with noise, jobs, relationship and kids. People who don’t have all day to meditate. Meaning it's not for monks, it's for you!

• Learn some practical tips for making meditation a daily habit and the real-life benefits that flow from doing so – better sleep, greater intimacy, more joy and a definite ability to be more present for the stuff that really matters.

“The way James talks about meditation makes it seem not only accessible but, for someone as busy as me, very doable. And I liked that he really goes into the science of stress - what it is and how it effects everything from our bodies and minds to the way we handle pressure - I found the whole thing fascinating.” Marcus Colombano, San Francisco

“I still get mad at my husband sometimes, but since I learned to meditate I just don’t stay mad.” Yvette, San Francisco.


James Brown is one of the world's foremost teachers of the ancient practice of Vedic Meditation, a practice he and Yvette learned together 10 years ago, at a time when they were both stressed-out new parents and their relationship was faltering. But the practice was easy to do, effective, and it worked! They live in San Francisco with their two rambunctious boys, ages 5 and 11, and a crazy dog.

Yvette Marie Brown is a former fashion designer and wardrobe stylist for film and TV who made the career switch to painter when her first son was born. You can view her work at

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