Mom Circles

What started with an informal coffee hour has now turned into Mom Circles! Our intention is to provide an opportunity for moms to come together in a cozy setting and enjoy a facilitated conversation. We will hold circles daily, in different neighborhoods, to try and meet all moms needs. Additionally, you can buy a punch pass and come to the class that meets your babies nap schedule. We ask that you register ahead of time, but you are no penalized for missing class - just visit the schedule and make another one - for yourself!

Take a peek at the calendar here and buy punch passes here


Main Street Mamas has been an incredible resource for me as a first-time mother. The coffee meetup at Monkei Miles was a great way to get out and meet new moms in a warm, comfortable setting - no one judged ya if you were wearing last night's pajamas and had spit up in your hair! Mary gave me great advice about everything from sleep training to bottle feeding, and Vanessa helped me and my daughter through a total meltdown one morning. It was a great way to meet new mom friends in the 'hood, and I've kept in touch with many of the women to coordinate playdates and walks outside of the coffee hour. All in all, MSM has made my mama journey really special - and has helped me find my "tribe" of mom friends!