MSM Capsule Summer Shoe Collection

You've likely heard all about the capsule wardrobe movement. The idea is to purchase fewer pieces & create a mini wardrobe of highly versatile pieces.  They are ideally high quality and not so much fast fashion. And ideally, you LOVE to wear them. To compliment the capsule summer wardrobe I am creating for my summer travels with the family I have rounded up my capsule summer shoe collection. Read below to find out where I am wearing them: 



Price $95

Where am I wearing them? Everywhere. Allbirds are made of wool, breathable enough to keep you cool in the summer while traveling. You can also toss them in the washing machine to clean them. They pack flat but I'd recommend wearing them on travel day as they slip on & off easily. I love them paired with boyfriend jeans or J.Crew chino shorts.

No better way to show off your toned legs on the ferry over to ACK than with nantucket red shorts & your Allbirds!



Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 2.46.58 PM.png

Superga SF: 

Price $65

Where am I wearing them? Everyone who knows me can attest: I am a Superga addict. I generally visit Claudia Volpi's Fillmore Street Superga shop quarterly and buy a few seasonal pairs. I buy them in all different colors & textures (canvas, leather, metallics). I buy them in low tops AND high tops. For the summer, I love a crisp canvas low top. I love pairing with my Everlane Wide Leg Cropped Pants.

I'd sport these kicks at every picnic, beach bbq & certainly on the playground. I'd also make sure to match my kiddos sneaks at 4th of July! 







Price $140

Where am I wearing them? I love these updated loafers with handmade tassels & a quilted sole. I'm likely tossing them on with jeans & a thin cashmere sweater early morning when I run to Levain Bakery in Wainscott for their baguettes with butter & jam. Okay fine....I'll also be buying a half dozen chocolate chip walnut cookies & the cinnamon brioche. If Meghan Markle loves them....well then you should too. 





Price $140

Where am I wearing them? Talk about a pep in your step! These comfy and stylish shoes come in three styles: round toe, pointed & loafer. Eco conscious, they are made of recycled bottles & can be washed! Enjoy yours at work, on the playground or anywhere in between! I just ordered a lighter color as I have worn my cranberry Rothy's through the winter. Receive $20 off using my promo code:

School tours coming up? Rothy's are your friend: sophisticated yet super comfy! 




Price $110

Where am I wearing them? I'm loving these suede cutout sandals by Tom's. In addition to supporting their cause, you can elevate your sundress collection. Easy side zip - these are no fuss. 

You'll see me wearing these at a summer wedding we are attending. You can chase the kids in them and still be in style. 





Slip On Sandals:

We are loving both the budget and splurge approach to the Slip On Leather Sandals this summer.  These Joie sable sandals ($125) are gorgeous and easy to slip on while running around & hanging casually. These faux leather sandals by Old Navy are a fraction of the cost at just under $20

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 10.30.15 AM.png



Miron Crosby:

Price $850 +

Here's the splurge you won't regret - for years to come! Miron Crosby was founded by two sisters in Dallas, TX. I feel fortunate to have befriended Lizzie when our husbands were in business school together at Columbia. We visited the Means family ranch near Marfa, TX for their wedding and so began my quest for the perfect shortie cowboy boot. These handcrafted cowboy boots will meet your needs year round & only get better with time. They also boast mini boots. Because is there really anything cuter than smocked anything with matching boots?! 

I would wear these to Goop's Pop Up in Highland Park for Cleaned Up Snack Time.







Price $100

Where am I wearing them? Anywhere that the heat warrants them. Leave the flip flops for the beach & the gym locker room. These are study, sporty & stylish. Use your creative license to pack a punch with the color you choose. I'm absolutely wearing them at the farmers market & likely with my Sonnet James playdress