Austlen Entourage

Just in time for our local holiday strolls, the Austlen Entourage arrived to our doorstep. Our family has many - MANY - strollers but none are the level of luxury that Austlen affords you. We live out by the beach in San Francisco, so appreciate a stroller that can take us to the beach and the playground but can also be thrown into the car easily and taken wherever the wind takes us. That's not always easy with two children. First off, both our children (ages 1 & 3) love the Entourage. Admittedly, our 3 year old is harder to please these days and he really enjoyed that he could pop in and out of the jump seat on his own. He also really enjoyed having his own handles - faux-leather grip & all!

The expandability and ease by which this stroller expands is remarkable, With the flick of your wrist, the stroller goes from consolidated to fully extended. Once extended, you can add a jump seat or a second seat for a toddler. The under carriage allows for SIXTY FIVE pounds to be carried. That translates into a full grocery run, dog food, your dog himself, or luggage when traveling. A very smart addition to this stroller is the market tote. You can see it hanging right in front of the handlebars. It expands and one half then is attached to handlebars on the primary seat. With smart compartments, there is a spot for everyone's items. 

The canopy is very large and the seat nearly fully retracts. I always enjoy a fully retractable stroller seat as well, bc you can do a non-messy diaper change without needing to find a restroom. Just pack a changing pad for the ride, but don't forget the Entourage fabric seats are removable & washable. 

Driving this stroller feels sexy - it's like a new car that you want to take for a spin. On Sundays, we enjoy getting to our church's neighborhood - Cow Hollow - a bit early for a coffee & pastry pre-service. I had a blast pairing my new Sonnet James play dress (obsession for another post) with my Entourage. After all, isn't that what we all want - a little entourage?! I can't wait for it to join me at the Farmer's Market!