Cabana Life...

It tickles me to be so enamored with Cabana Life nearly ten years after having met the founders. Here we are, our journeys having taken us from young entrepreneurs in New York City to established business owners and mothers. We have made decisions on behalf of our families that have taken us to Florida, San Francisco and Dallas - but you can't take the New York out of the girl.

Well before I had children, I fell in love with CL for myself & now I am even more in love for my family. I think at our very first pub lunch, Melissa hooked me with the following statistic: an average t-shirt blocks on average 7% of UVA/UVB rays. As one of five fair skinned children, I grew up with the notion that a t-shirt and sunscreen was protection enough. Fast forward 30 years, and my sister has already had melanoma surgically extracted from her leg. We need to work toward broader education, and Cabana Life is at the forefront of that. 

Cabana Life has become a staple for fashions that take you from the sand to sidewalk. The collection of 50+ UPF clothing offers a variety of sun essentials including bathing suits, dresses, hats, cover-ups, tunics, shirts and pants for boys, girls and women.

My children have been wearing adorable Cabana Life garb since they first dipped in a pool and today, we are enjoying our East Coast road trip in Mommy & Me numbers!

Through September 3, enjoy the promo code "mainstreet" for 20% off.