Using a Sensible Sitter to fill in the gaps!

As parents we have way more hats to wear than hours to switch them out! It occurred to me, 3 years into parenting, that the Sensible Sitters I have used are capable of so much more than babysitting. It was in a recent coffee date with Keatyn that we chatted about her love for keeping a house in order - from organization to laundering. Music to my ears! After share care at our house with two toddlers for two weeks, we were in need of some help in the play room so, the next week we gave it a go! 

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Keatyn arrived just as Kaitlin, our 1.5 year old, went down for a nap. I gave her a smidge of direction: I wanted the playroom to look less than like the garage sale it currently looked like and more curated. I wanted it to invite creativity. Below were the results and what Keatyn did:

  • Repurposed existing materials : nothing was bought new for storage purposes
  • Created themed vignettes in the storage cubes 
  • Put large, like minded, toys in the storage baskets so that kids could easily find what they were looking for 
  • Small pieces/toys went in small containers to be easily found 
  • created a book nook in the corner of the room with large throw pillows
  • Removed toys that were too small, which are now neatly stored for coffee hour at the Main Street Mamas coffee hour. 
  • Stored baskets of toys for rotation in the closet!
  • Simple solution: turned a basket on it's side to create a book shelf in the living room 

I knew that when my son came home from school he would be excited, but this has changed our lives in a profound way. The kids have learned to play together this week as their playroom is clutter free and they can navigate their play stations so easily. They have also taken pride in putting their things away. 

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