20 Days of December Giveaway: Rossi & Rei

San Francisco Main Street Mama, Elisa Rossi, founded Rossi & Rei. Mother to 5 year old son, Lucas, Elisa has kept her family's Italian heritage close to her heart in the decisions her family has made. Her son attends an Italian immersion school in San Francisco and her business boasts artisan's from her home country. I share Elisa's story below as so many moms can relate to her re-introduction to their old self that she talks about. For the next week we will raffling off a gorgeous hand-crafted satchel , a $595 value. On Tuesday, December 12 at noon, we will be announcing the winner. 


Throughout my childhood in Italy and most of my adult life, I’ve found that the objects surrounding me are filled with a certain energy. In 2011, I was living a busy life as a Silicon Valley executive. Like most busy women, I compromised a lot when it came to my style; athleisure became my unofficial uniform. Then one day my friend Veronica, a skilled milliner who moved to Paris to open her own atelier, gave me a gorgeous, custom-made hat. I was at Heathrow airport wearing my “travel uniform,” but something changed as I worked on my laptop beneath Veronica’s hat. I felt as though I had embraced a part of myself I had neglected for too long. It was then that Rossi & Rei was born. Working with hand-picked, skilled artisans to create personalized styles, I’m dedicated to helping women who, like me, no longer want to fit the mass-produced mold of fashion and instead want to evolve a truer sense of self through craftsmanship and connectedness.

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