Meet Heal : The app that allows you to meet a pediatrician in your living room!

My girlfriend had mentioned Heal in passing to me. Her girls had strep and instead of dragging everyone to urgent care of a weekend when her husband was traveling - she had a Doctor come to her. Genius. I downloaded the app and forgot it was there. Until we had a perfect medical storm... 

I had a toddler with an obvious earache & in tremendous in pain while driving home from having attended my husband's family day at work in the peninsula, an infant at home, a nanny needing to be relieved and a pediatric practice that could not see me until the end of the day. I opened up the app & no sooner did we request an appointment, Dr Chien was confirmed. She arrived promptly, was eager to learn about our son & won him over in no time. She was incredibly professional & even answered unrelated questions about our baby. At the end of the visit she referred us to Script Dash and all for the cost of both our co-pays we received excellent in home care & a prescription without leaving the house. Given the lack of time and energy we had having a 5 month old & 2.5 year old, this was invaluable. To note, Heal takes insurance. This is generally $20-30 depending on your insurance plan. If you do not have insurance, the visit is $99. This is less expensive than more urgent care or ER visits. 

Fast forward, we have used Heal for a myriad of needs. They came to assess me when I had mastitis, they have seen both my children for medical needs, they have seen my nanny at our home for a flu shot & my husband at his office for the flu shot. We have been had great luck in consistency and have enjoyed all the doctors we have met. The PA's have been incredibly sweet & nurturing - offering loads of smiles to the little ones who are generally under the weather.  

From a technical perspective, the app is very user-friendly and allows for you to review the Doctor's credentials ahead of time. You can easily amend any of your information, health insurance and add siblings as they come on the scene.

Download Heal via iPhone or Android.