MSM Life Hack: Alively.

Main Street Mamas has teamed up with Alively, a new app that's the talk of tech town.  

Why?  Well, because how irritating is this very scenario??:

  • You're at the soccer game, recital, music class, whatever...and your child is demonstrating his/her amazing talent.  
  • You grab your phone to take a quick video.
  • <STOP> You're out of storage.  You must first delete precious memories to capture this new precious memory.  UGH.
  • Maybe you had enough storage and were able to shoot a video that will most definitely garner millions of views on YouTube.
  • <STOP> You don't want millions of people to see your awesome kid on YouTube.
  • So how to share?  Ah!  Facebook!
  • <STOP> You're not so into sharing this little life moment with former clients, 500 old classmates and the 60 people you don't even remember how you met to begin with.
  • Now what?  Just text it to your husband and mom.  That'll be fine.
  • <STOP> Husband: "What is this??  It's all blurry"  Mom: "Honey, I even tried with my reading's just too small"
  • Moment lost.  Your kid was totally incredible and you'll be the only one to witness it.  Not to mention you wasted 8 minutes messing around trying to share a low-quality blurry video that's now taking up 20% of the storage in your phone. 

Enter Alively.  

  1. Open the app.  
  2. Select the handful of people with whom you'd like to share your video.  
  3. Shoot said video.  
  4. The lucky few (or many) you selected are notified and can watch live or later.  
  5. And here's the best part (in our opinion anyway)...your video is automatically sent safe & sound to the cloud and off your phone!  

We're spreading the word!  We want everyone using this game changing app to capture and share their family's special moments.

Main Street Mamas will be utilizing Alively to share snippits from our exclusive classes, events & lunches.  Download Alively on your iOS device to join us (sorry Android users, you'll have to wait)! 

Watch Alively in action:

What the press is saying:

  • Wall Street Journal "Former Facebook Live Manager Launches Live-Streaming App Alively"
  • TechCrunch "Live video minus Facebook equals Alively"
  • Fox Business "Live stream to a select group of friends with new app"