Ode to my Mom Guilt

Any mom who owns her own business knows: there's no better way to feed mom guilt. Truly. It's a misconception that you can have it all and work post bedtime as needed. So, the double edged sword begins. You can soothe the baby during their endless (read phantom) teething moments (read hours) as your nanny waits for you to finish cuddling and you text-postpone yet another meeting. While friends with an office to report to button up their coats and head out the door, you are forever one foot in and one foot out. You text way too much at the playground - so much in fact, that if you were a nanny their would be a thread about you on the local mom's group. You can go to Friday Lunch at preschool, but it cuts up your work day, but you're supposed to go because that's a perk of owning your own business. RIGHT?

Enter, Little Lane.   Little Lane was founded by a Bay Area mom to two girls - soon to be three! The Class Pass for kids platform allows for you to pay for different monthly packages and drop into classes that you would not have otherwise been exposed to, or would have to purchase a series of.  A taste test if you will. 

For a long while, I chalked Cam's short list of classes up to his age. Now at three, I really want to be a part of his afternoons and I am a bit resentful that his teachers get to pique his curiosity. With a monthly membership of five classes, Cam and I can hand pick an afternoon class each week to attend together. No sooner did I start sifting through the options and I realized that this was a family conversation. Ballet, Art Class or a movie screening at The Walt Disney Museum? such fun options and I can bounce around depending on my schedule. Mom guilt, be gone. Cam and I have a Little Lane date. 

Use the following code for your free month trial of the Discover Pass(2 classes a month): MAINSTREETMAMAS17